ChildGarden has seen significant improvements with its intense treatment model focused on the particularities of the child, there is no single treatment. That is the secret of the success of our work.

A different approach than most.

ChildGarden recognized the need to focus on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and ensure that all team members are BACB certified professionals, they are also Master of Psychology for Children with Behavior Problems, Special Teachers and we have the 93 % of graduates in Higher Education. Annually 100% attend courses of improvement, congresses and / or scientific events.

The Clinical Direction and Management of the Company is in the hands of professionals of the highest level, with more than 20 years in the area of development of children with special conditions, Special Education Teachers. But our best letter of Success are our Clients and the Parents / Guardians of the “Castillo de Legos” Foundation that were created from seeing the results of our work and the importance that our services have for a variety of children with behavior problems. that affects their social and school development. With that level of dedication, training, and real-world experience, the Proven ABA Treatment Experts app and its Effectiveness are never in doubt.

Make Connections To Harness The Potential.

ChildGarden believes that every child has a source full of potential. We focus on making the most of skills while opening up brave new possibilities. Our intensive holistic model takes into account all the environments that your child may encounter, thanks to open collaboration with parents, teachers, other therapies and health professionals. All in an effort to help your child cope, communicate, function… and thrive.

Children in our Early Start Program (ages 1 to 5) come to us with developmental rates below the norm; behind those of their most typical companions and some have even stagnated, but our program is proud to show the results of Success in most of our children, not only do they recover the typical development rhythm, but some exceed it, gaining an average of 5 and a half months of development in a month.