A dedicated team of behavioral therapists with a reputation for helping children diagnosed with autism, and their families, understand, improve, and lead functional and productive lives.

A Model Of High Intensity ABA * Therapy.

* Acronym for Applied Behavior Analysis

Maximizing the hours and concentrating on a high intensity treatment leads to long lasting results. Intensive ABA tends to show greater developmental gains, an increase in functional language, and a decrease in maladaptive behaviors.

We Are Here For You. And We Want To Say Here.

We operate in the state of Florida, if you have a problem and need to call the main office, our staff will know exactly how to answer all of your concerns,because we have great experience in the field.

Our registered behavioral technicians, supervisors, analysts and clinical directors meet every week to analyze the treatment and services delivered to Your Child, we maintain a relationship of trust with Your Family and we are there for You 365 days a year 24 hours a day. We establish a relationship with Doctors, Pediatricians and other medical, the teachers and staff of your child at School or DayCare, we know all the Florida Academic and Economic Benefit Programs so that your child has the necessary education that will favor their development. Your child is also our Priority. We are fully bilingual.“Here we are: Being local means being accessible”

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (bcba)

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA / BCBA-D) is a Master’s level certification in Behavior Analysis. Certified professionals at the BCBA level are independent professionals who provide behavior analysis services. They oversee the work of Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts® (BCaBAs®), Registered Behavior Technicians® (RBTs®), and other professionals who implement behavior analysis interventions. The BCBA is a professional who has a certification that is internationally recognized. The analyst conducts training, supervision and investigation, evaluates each case and makes treatment and intervention plans to reduce behaviors and replaces them with the correct ones according to the culture in which the child develops. The analyst also plans a treatment to develop new skills. This certification establishes the highest level of training in Behavior Analysis.

Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBT)

You will see our RBTs every day – it is our tireless work that provides the ABA therapy at your home or at school/daycare. Always under the guidance of a BOARD certified behavior analyst, our RBTs are extensively trained and supervised during your child’s treatment.

Multi-Lingual Is Multi-Beneficial.

It is important that all family members participate in your child’s treatment; to make it easier, our administrative staff, BCBA and RBT speak Spanish and English fluently.

You Will Always Work With a Trained And Supervised Behavioral Therapist.

As a policy, our registered behavior technicians are periodically trained, in recognized training programs and are technically supervised.

How We Help Driven By ABA Therapy.

ChildGarden uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), also called Behavioral Engineering wich is a scientific technique that deals with empirical approaches based on the principles of operant and response conditioning to change behaviors. We help to modify behaviors taking into account the relevant interactions between and the environment. We first assess the functional relationship between the target behavior and the environment and develop socially acceptable alternatives to modify behaviors.

In addition, therapies are important to help people with ASD and other developmental disorders to complete their education or job training, to find employment, to use transport indepently, live safely in a house, to take care of their health, to improve daily functioning, and to participate as fully as possible in their  communities.